Friday, June 3, 2011

Project 52 - Week 22 {Pen and paper}

I'm one of those wierdos people who have to be organized.  Have to.  It's a sickness, I think.

I used to be better organized.  Always on time, always prepared, never forgetting a due date or appointment, with extra time for projects, and an empty email inbox. And none of it had to be written down, I could just keep it all straight in my head. But my ability to remain this organized took a serious dive after the birth of my second child. I don't deal well with this.

I don't need storage bins. I don't need magazine articles with 10 ways to keep my bathroom organized. I don't need to alphabetize, sort, build shelves, or have a chore board. I mean, maybe I do - but I'm actually pretty good about keeping stuff organized, and besides, I promise, I really have learned that having kids means you just have to let go a little. What I need is a way to organize my thoughts, my time, my actions and activities. I can't remember anything.

So in the last couple years, I've tried a number of methods / calendars / technologies in an attempt to find the best way to pull everything in my life together, and it's come down to a simple blank notebook.  It appears that despite the fancy tools available, a good ol' pen and paper works just fine for me.  And anyway, it gives me an excuse to browse the gorgeous stationary section at the bookstore.  What are your tricks for keeping everything together?

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Kelly said...

How do I keep it together? Ha, ha as if... :)Writing things down does help me remember dates and things to do sometimes though. :) I like this picture.

Imene said...

I am that kind of weird too. I used different methods but my planner seems to be the best way to keep it together ;o)

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