Thursday, September 8, 2011

Project 52 - Week 36 {balloon}

Over Labor Day weekend, I spent some time in Colorado Springs at the Colorado Balloon Classic.  Not only was it a fun event, it gave me the chance to enjoy some gorgeous weather and also to cross something off my 101 list.  I took a LOT of pictures and will share some more in a different post, but this one is my favorite and is the one I'm using for this week's Project 52 photograph.

Most of the balloonists did what is known as a "splash and dash", coming down from the sky just long enough to touch the surface of the lake, before rising back up.  Some of them were good enough at it, to actually drag the bottom of the balloon basket across the water for a few seconds, instead of just a brief splash.

I took the girl with me and though she was thrilled to be there, the excitement of it wore off sooner for her than for me.  I bribed her with a side trip to the playground if she would just let me photograph ONE MORE balloon over the water.  This was my "one more" balloon.  So thank you to my daughter for that last extra bit of patience for her camera-toting momma.

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frecklesandfences said...

This is beautiful. I hope your daughter got to spend plenty of time at the playground for that photo!! She might deserve an ice cream, too.

Sarah said...

WOW!! These are awesome!

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