Thursday, October 13, 2011

Monthly craft post {Halloween trio}

For this month's project post, I've got a couple super easy Halloween projects for you.  None of these took more than an hour of actual hands on time, and they're so fun to have hanging around the house.

I wanted to try this project last year, but ran out of time before Halloween and didn't get to it.

I had a foam wreath form that I spray painted black, and then just went crazy with the hot glue and googly eyes.  There's about 700 googly eyes on that wreath (about $5 total from the dollar store, and the wreath form came from there too).  It seems like an awful lot of eyes, right?  But gluing them on went pretty fast.  I added the biggest ones first, evenly around the wreath, and then filled the rest of it in with the other eyes.

The wreath on its own was cute, but it needed something else.  The framed skeleton came from Michael's and the giant spider was something we already had on hand.

The second project is a wreath also, and took even less time.  We call it our Medusa wreath.
I picked up a couple packages of ugly rubber snakes from the dollar store and spray painted them black (they were originally these really obnoxious green and blue and yellow colors).  I wove them into a grapevine wreath and then spray painted the whole thing black.  I didn't coat the wreath completely with paint, some of the brown still shows through.  It ended up looking like the wreath had been burned.  The bird was something we already had on hand.  It creeps out the hubby, so I gleefully pull it out every year for Halloween and find a good place for him to perch, watching with his beady eye.

And one last Halloween project for you - bats!  My daughter was actually the one who wanted to do it, and I'm glad we did!  This wave of bats is flying from our pantry door across to the door leading to the garage, so that it looks like they're flying right out the door.

The girl and I just sat down together one afternoon, cut out bats using this template, and put them up on the wall using scotch tape.  To cut the bats out, we used half of a bat as a template, tracing it right along the edge of a folded piece of cardstock.  That way, we only had to cut half the bat out, then when we unfolded it, the crease was in the middle and the bats were more 3-dimensional.

I've probably mentioned it already, but I love fall!  And Halloween has become such a fun holiday around our house with two little ones.  This week, the kids found their "Halloween flashlights" and laid them carefully out on the counter for trick or treating.  I didn't have the heart to tell them they still have a couple weeks to wait!  How about you guys, do you enjoy Halloween too?  Or does it just remind you of the long holiday season coming up and all the stresses that go with that?

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Vicky said...

I have seen the googly eyes on picture frames but never on a wreath. 700? That's a lot of eyes, but I love the effect. Great job! I am a new follower from Tatertots and Jello. Vicky from

Alexa said...

Your decor is simply amazing. I have a big soft spot for googly eyes!! I'd love it if you added them to my little Terrorific Tuesday roundup!

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