Friday, November 18, 2011

Project 52 - Week 45 {getting rid of his grumpies}

I've been a bit absent in my blog posting lately, haven't I?  I don't have a particularly good excuse for it, really.  My thoughts and ideas have been elsewhere, taking up the few spare moments that are left in between all the busy-ness that seems to take over our lives at this time of year.  It starts right around my birthday at the beginning of October, and ends with a sigh of relief after my son's birthday in January.  I have some great photographic opportunities coming in the next couple months, and in preparing and researching for those, seem to be forgetting to pick up my camera on a regular basis.  Honestly, I might not have picked it up at all these last two weeks if it wasn't for this Project 52.   I've been rolling it around in my head, trying to decide whether to do a Project 52 in 2012; I'll be sharing some of my reflections on it in a blog post soon.  In the mean time, though...

I finally raked the leaves in our yard.  It was more of a desperate attempt to cheer up a grumpy child, than an honest attempt to be productive.  I raked them all into a huge pile and encouraged him to jump into the pile, throw the leaves, make a mess of them however he wanted.  I was rewarded with a disappointingly brief period of non-grumpiness before he lost interest and went back to being in bad mood.

But this?  This made him laugh and smile:

Our little kitty found it highly entertaining to chase the leaves and dive into the pile, and didn't seem to mind at all being buried by a grumpy child.  This silly cat seems to adore my son, even as he buries her in leaves or pulls her out by her tail.  The other day he went to time-out for getting a little too rough with her... and she went and sat with him, keeping him company. 

As long as she doesn't mind and it makes him smile... who am I to say anything?

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Susan said...

What a loving kitty, and what a cute shot!

justinb said...

Nice capture, the single leaf on her head! said...

Oh, sweeeet! Love the softness, the autumn and the cat, very beautiful!

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