Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Project 52 - Week 4

Apparently, spaghetti and marshmallows are also fun for pictures.  Who knew?

Spaghetti and marshmallows

Nap time is a great time to get things done, isn't it?  The loud, busy, chaos that seems to endlessly follow my two year old boy disappears, and it's just me and the girl, who loves to help out or play quietly on her own.  She quit taking naps when she turned three, insisting that she was much too big of a girl for naps. 

But just as often, whether there's a to-do list or not, nap time at our house is girl time.  It's a chance for me and the girl to do projects or play games that a little brother would otherwise interfere with.  Those are the nap times that I cherish.  This week, I ignored the list of chores calling for my attention and dug out the spaghetti and marshmallows.  What else could you need to build pyramids with, or to design a race track for Lightning McQueen?

I dared her to get a whole jumbo marshmallow in her mouth.

She tried telling me something, but I couldn't understand a word she was saying.

She didn't fall for it again.  Though she thought it was hilarious to pretend she was going to.  Afterwards, we gave each other pretened makeovers, got dressed in pretend princess gowns, and used our magic wands to send wishes off on balloons.

What do you like to do during nap time?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Project 52 - Week 3

I have mixed feelings about zoos.  It seems wrong to put some of these wild animals into such small spaces.  The big cats and the apes, in particular, seem sad and bored, pacing their little homes endlessly.  On the other hand, reputable zoos have made huge gains in maintaining species that may otherwise have gone extinct, and their efforts in education are invaluable.  The kids, of course, are oblivious to all of this.  For them, it's all wide eyed wonder and amazement.  And for me, that makes a trip to the zoo a bit more worthwhile.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Project 52 - Week 2

The photo for Week 2 features the boy, of course - who turned the big T-W-O.  We kicked off the birthday weekend celebration with a stop at Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt.  My goodness - can I just say this place was fabulous!  I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a little treat.  The boy enjoyed it too; he loves his chocolate, or "cha-cha," as he refers to it.  And see the spot in the corner of the picture?  Yeah - that's yogurt that made it into his hair.

Happy birthday, buddy!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Project 52 - Week 1

I know some people are enjoying the dry, 40-50 degree "winter" weather that we've been having in these parts, but I for one was happy to ring in the new year with a little bit of snow.  I wasn't the only one - the kids were thrilled to be able to run outside and play in it.  The girl built a snow fort for Santa, which she promptly stood on top of to look at the snow on the rest of the street.

Project 52

I started out 2010 determined to do Project 365.  There's hundreds of websites describing it better than I can, but the basic idea is to take a picture a day.  My thoughts were, that it would allow me to capture more of the day-to-day moments with my family, improve my photography, make me look at the world around me more closely.

I made it to day 77.  That's March 18, in case you're wondering.

There's plenty of reasons why I didn't continue with the project, which don't matter here.  The intent of the project, though, still holds in my heart, and looking back through those 77 pictures really is fun.  And so I want to attempt a project which is similar, yet different in one important way - Project 52.  This involves one picture a WEEK, rather than per day.  Much more manageable, I hope.  There are many who assign a theme to each week and take a picture representing that theme, but I'm just going to post whatever picture makes me feel good for the week.

And sometimes, I may just feel like posting an extra picture or two.  Because some weeks are more inspiring than others.

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