Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Project 12: {Love}

This month's Project 12 theme at MCP is "Love".  It seemed appropriate to post my entry today, Valentine's Day.

These two.  Sigh.  They're lovely.  And they're mine.

For every moment that they spend bickering over ridiculous stuff, there's the moments like this.  They love each other, even if they don't want the rest of us to know it.

In other love news, the girl was the recipient of a very sweet marriage proposal.  She wisely pointed out to the earnest young man, that they weren't nearly old enough for that type of thing, and would have to at least wait until they knew how to drive.

Smart girl.

2 lovely comments:

Kelly said...

Absolutely gorgeous! One of my favorite pics you've ever posted. Thanks for sharing. :)

Jaymi said...

oh wow, that picture is really beautiful!!!

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