Sunday, April 1, 2012

Photo a Day: {March 18-31}.... sort of.

Confession time...

I totally dropped the ball on the photo a day for March.

I actually gave up a week ago, but am only just now getting around to admitting defeat, and confessing it to you.

It was a very quick reminder of why I did Project 52 last year instead of Project 365.  The first day I missed was the 18th, and it just spiralled from there, missing one or two days and then missing the whole last week of the month.  I'm okay with this.  And, I still have some more pictures to share with you.  So we're just going to move on, alrightey?

Remember, the full list can be found here.

The kids were let loose with cans of silly string, which was funny enough on its own.  However, the boy managed to aim his can right at himself, and that was definitely funny.


Captured this riiiiiiight as the moon sank below the top of the mountain.

Dinosaurs totally count as animals, yes?  Taken at the Dinosaur Resource Center in Woodland Park, Colorado.  Rawr.

Jazzed up with some vintage processing and textures, but this two foot long key was hanging on the wall at the place we stayed in for a mini-vacation last week, in Colorado Springs.  What are the chances?  I think fate really was trying to help me out with this project... ah well.

9 lovely comments:

Cindi said...

Your moon is incredible! I love it!

Chris said...

Love, love, love the moon shot!!!

Desirae R said...

I think the key shot is my favourite. It is nice and simple, but elegant at the same time.

Nics Cahill said...

THe moon - so whimsical, and glorious. I love it la luna. Beautiful shots. Sometimes it's really hard to run with our intentions - know that your photos are lovely.

...melody... said...

Awesome capture of the moon! :)

Molly said...

Your moon picture is great, it almost looks like a paper moon in a painted sky.


Susan said...

Great shots and the one of the moon was just stunning!

Have a blessed day♥

Jaymi said...

love your moon and key shot! great job!

Susan said...

love the moon shot!!!!!!!

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